SNIPER Flying Insect Killer -750 Ml (twin Pack) + Free Cockroach Killer 10g


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Fast Action
Long lasting effects
Safe for use in homes
Unique Transfer effect


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Do you have pest (mosquitoes and cockroaches) problems in your homes? Do you find it difficult to control them? Do you need the most credible and affordable way of putting an end to this menace? then Sniper Flying Insect Killer is the solution.

Sniper Flying Insect Killer is a specially formulated odourless insecticide spray with a broad spectrum action against all in-home pest/insect types. Sniper Flying Insect Killer is highly effective in the control of all household insects, be it flying or crawling insects. It is odourless, affordable, safe for use in homes, guarantees fast insect knockdown and has a long-lasting residual action (a night spray is enough to last you for several days). Sniper Flying Insect Killer is affordable and it guarantees value for money
Spray directly on insects
Spray from about 30cm onto surfaces where insects usually crawl or hide and allow to dry before contact.
Do not re-enter room until after 15 minutes


Sniper Cockroach Killer is a ready bait Gel specifically formulated for the extermination of cockroaches. The product has a unique transfer effect which makes it possible for cockroaches that have eaten the gel bait to infect other cockroaches, which could ultimately lead to the wiping out of an entire cockroach colony.

How to Apply

Slightly push forward the syringe plunger to get out little drops. Apply a bean sized small spots within 3-4cm. The number of spot placements depends on the cockroach infestation level in your house.

Where to Apply

Apply the product in Cockroach harbourages such as cabinets, ?oors, under sinks, remote corners and other areas where cockroaches are active in your apartment.

The combination of both Sniper Flying Insect Killer and Sniper cockroach killer gives the total elimination of insect pest in your homes



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