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HetoGrow Solar Power Bank 6000mAh – Black

6,000.008,000.00 (-25%)

Sold By: Michael

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  • Charge with sunlight or USB + Fast phone charging technology
  • Charge a typical smartphone 2.5 – 3 times, depending on phone/battery type
  • Overcharge protection and anti-discharge technology
  • Dual USB and micro USB ports + Emergency LED torch
  • Quality Assurance & warranty info @ https://www.hetogrowshop.com/quality
  • Online user manual @ https://www.hetogrowshop.com/manual


Package includes:

  • 1 x Solar Charger
  • 1 x Micro USB charging cable
  • 1 x Warranty card.




Product Line

HetoGrow Technology

6000 mAh

Production country


Size (L x W x H cm)

132 x 79 x 17

Weight (kg)




Product warranty

6 months standard warranty. Detailed product Quality Assurance can be found here with information about how to register your warranty
Also learn aboutWhat is a Power Bank?How To Detect a Fake Solar Power Bank – Functionality, Quality and Originality Test What does mAh mean? Also Amp, voltage and watts. How long will a power bank last? How durable is a power bank?How long will a 10000mAh power bank take to charge my phone?How long will it take to charge a 10000mah power bank using electricity? How long will the solar panel take to charge a 10000mah power bank?Some Basic Powerbank CluesWhat capacity should you buy?

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6,000.008,000.00 (-25%)

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It is strange that many people don’t read quality and product specifications. They develop unrealistic expectations of what a product should do. When they have problems they blame it on the product or call us to complain. For instance, a university PhD Engineering lecturer called us some time in 2015 to complain. When we asked him if he read the user manual he said no. He later apologised after much discussion. On another occasion a customer called to complain that the product wasn’t working. We asked her same question and she said no. It turned out she never pressed the power button.

In the very rare occasion of genuine manufacturing fault, we provide like-for-like replacement in line with our warranty terms. Before you complain, we STRONGLY recommend that you read the product specs and the below notes on quality. We are very happy to discuss if you contact us.

Quality Specs

The primary consideration in designing HetoGrow products is quality and safety. A further emphasis is placed on affordability. Both factors impose obvious limits on what we can possibly pack into the products. One limitation is uncontrollable FX rates which affect prices. Another obvious limitation is size. The fact that a HetoGrow solar power bank is a mobile product limits what can be added to it hence what it can do. An example is the solar panel. The larger it is the more it can charge. It is not magic but a universal reality. Its primary purpose is to top up the power bank on exposure to light. Because of the limited size it is unrealistic to expect it to perform like a roof top solar panel. This mobile size also limits the capacity rating (mAh). It can realistically contain 10-12,000 mAh. Be cautious of look-a-like but typically fake and unbranded products offering 20k, 50, 80 mAh, etc, similar to the capacity of a standard car battery. For detailed information about this see our Quality Assurance webpage.

HetoGrow solar power banks are specially designed to recharge mobile phones with USB cables and provide highly efficient and renewable LED flashlight. They provide safe and sustainable bright light after charging with either sunlight or electricity. Each power bank is supplemented by the embedded solar panel during the day. This provides solar support and emergency power back up as it recharges the power bank on exposure to the sun. The product is designed to support mobile phones and up to 5V devices where there is no access to electricity. It is mobile ready and ideal in emergency situations like when outdoors in remote places, camping or even at a business summit.
HetoGrow solar power banks are equipped with in built anti discharge technology that retains energy for over 12 months. HetoGrow also offer 6 months standard warranty. You deserve the best.

Product Information
This is new style dual USB output REAL 6000 mAh solar power bank. Portable, safe, dust and shock proof, anti-slip, and reliable; perfect for using while travelling, camping and other outdoor and indoor activities. Compatible with all USB mobile phones, tablets, note pads and other electronic devices up to 5V. High output LED flashlight with 5 LED bulbs that show the indicative power level and progressive charging status. Long lifespan with 500-1000 times charging capacity with discharging protection. Can retain power for over 12 months if fully charged. Enjoy charging anytime and anywhere with emergency solar panel charging.

We offer 12 months warranty split into 6 months standard warranty extendable for a further 6 months. Before using the product it is strongly advised that you read the User Guidance and Caution notes at the back of the pack. You can download updated copy online from the warranty page at www.HetoGrow.com/warranty. Also, as with new mobile phones, it is strongly recommended that you charge your product for at least 6 hours, perhaps overnight, before first use. This ensures optimal performance for your enjoyment.
Features2 USB connections to charge 2 devices at once
6000 mAh Solar Charger External Battery Power Bank with Li-Polymer battery
Charge a typical smartphone 2.5 – 3 times, depending on type of phone/battery
Robust design suitable for multiple purposes.
With dual USB and micro USB ports.
4 LED status of charge bulbs indicate progressive charging and discharging
Press power button to see progressive charge level
Environmentally friendly ABS+PC materials, and rubber paint surface process
Compact, portable & stylish design.

Charge time: depends on brightness of the sun and exposure. Expect to charge over a couple of days with solar panel or 3-6hrs (best overnight) for USB charging especially before first time use. Recharge a standard smartphone in 1-2 hours
Battery Capacity: 6000 mAh Li-polymer battery
Solar PV: embedded solar panel produces 1w to 2w depending on exposure to sunlight
5V, 200mA. If solar charging, LED bulbs indicate progressive levels of charge. Press power button to see charge level
Power: 4W
Input: 5V/1A
Output: 5V/1A;5V/2.1A
Product size: 132*79*17 mm
Operating Temperature: 0-45 degrees
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Android phone and other 5V USB gadgets like smartwatch, GPS device, camera, etc
HetoGrow Test of Quality and OriginalityBeware of similar power banks claiming to offer 20k, 30k, 50k, 60k mAh, etc. It is impossible to pack such capacity into this size. Below are some tips to bear in mindThink! Your standard smart phone battery is typically 2500 mAh on average.20k mAh is equivalent to 8 smart phone batteries.60k mAh is equivalent to 24 smart phone batteries. It should therefore be heavier.100k mAh is equivalent to 40 smart phone batteries. It should also be heavier.
However, weight isn’t a guaranty of quality. Bags of sand and other rubbish have been found in some of them.Top brands don’t offer these unusual and strange capacities for similar size of power banks. Think of the reason why.Ask yourself, can 8 ,24, 40, etc batteries be of the same weight & fit into the power bank case?Beware and do these basic checks before you buy. Buy HetoGrow quality.


Vendor Info

Vendor Information

  • Store Name: Michael
  • Vendor: mikky
  • Address: Suit 205 Jinifa Plaza, Central Business District
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